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Welcome to MidiRadio.Net

Midiradio is a web based radio station specializing in electronic music. Until this moment we have 4 separate live streams: psychedelic, progressive, chill out and techno/house channels, each one with a different electronic music style. This radio is the result of love and passion of a dedicated team of people to electronic music and parties. Our aim is to contribute to further development of electronic music's scene. As a result various well-known or upcoming artists around the globe have already played their music to us to support this effort.
However a radio breathes through its listeners. We are happy for being supported from our listeners around the world sharing the same passion with us. Our listener base is growing up from day to day and that gives us the strength to continue and put even more energy and effort to evolve this station to even bigger and even better for you all. We would really like to thank you all for your trust and help in order to make this dream come true. Obviously there's still a lot of work to be done as this journey will never reach an end. That's why we're always looking for talented people to help us in every task for our good operation and we're always looking for DJs and producers. If you are interested and share the same vision please contact us by email and we will come back to you as soon as possible.
Let us dream and let’s party.
With great respect and love to all of you,
Rhino Amanitas...

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